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2014-2015 ACHELOUS - Action of Contrast to Hydraulic Emergency in LOcal Urban Site (co-financed by the European Commission 's Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection department - ECHO). ACHELOUS project
2013-2015 „Development of Berettyó River dikes in the Kis-sárrét and Berettyóújfalu runoff plains” undertaking of project audit tasks Trans-Tisza Water Management Authority KEOP – 2.1.1./2F-09-2011-0001
2013-2014 AQUA-ADD Deploying the added value of water in local and regional development (data collection, processing) University of Debrecen AQUA-ADD Interreg IVC project
2013-2014 AQUA-ADD Deploying the added value of water in local and regional development (data collection, preparing materials for the development of Toco watercourse, and contribution to business model theme on the establishment of new blue spaces) Trans-Tisza Region Environmental, Nature Protection and Water Inspectorate - AQUA-ADD Interreg IVC project
2012-2013 Sigma for Water (S4W) 'Sustainable InteGral Management Approaches for Water areas' project collection of background materials and information (wetlands & their reconstruction at Hortobágy area, LIFE projects, WFD elements, water management, fishponds, impact assessment) University of Debrecen Sigma for Water (S4W) Interreg IVC project
2011-2012 RTD activities connected to the remote operation of vertical axis windmill and sun-focusing solar cell complex system at selected pilot site of the Hungarian Telecommunications Inc. – feasibility study College for Modern Business Studies, Hungary
2012 Organisation of EU-WATER project closing conference & workshop (organisation and undertaking of conference & workshop, site visits; compilation of conference package) University of Debrecen; Trans-Tisza Region Environmental, Nature Protection and Water Inspectorate
2011-2012 Processing library catalogue into digital form as the part of the project “Strengthening the Role of Bocskai Rifles Brigade Library and Convention Centre in Life-long learning 5th “Bocskai” Rifles Brigade of Hungarian Army (TÁMOP 3.2.4-08/1-2009-0040 project)
2011 Organisation of “Opportunities and challenges along the supply chain according to the Fisheries Operational Programme ” conference on the 75th National Agriculture and Food Exhibition, Budapest (Hungary) Aranyponty Fisheries Inc.
2011 Elaboration of the implementation programme for Axis 3 of Fisheries Operational Programme for Hungary – Common Fisheries Knowledge Transfer Programme 2011-2015 Ministry for Rural Development, Fisheries Operational Programme Managing Authority
2010-2012 „UNICREDS University Collaboration in Regional Development Spaces” - external expertise Local Authority of Hajdú-Bihar County
2010-2011 „UNICREDS University Collaboration in Regional Development Spaces” - external expertise University of Debrecen
2010-2011 Ontology research (informatics): management ontology in document management, taxonomies, glossaries in Topic Maps Data Model, multi-language adaptation of MoReq2010 certification, modelling sensory networks KOVEX-Computer Ltd.
2010-2011 University of Debrecen TAMOP 4.1.2-08/1/A-2009-0010 project – curriculum development for the M.Sc. course in Agriculture University of Debrecen, University of Pannonia, University of West Hungary
2010 Undertaking RTD tasks connected to renewable energy production and trade for the elaboration of technical, economic and business requirements for the renewable energy utilisation of Hungarian Telecommunications Inc. Hungarian Telecommunications Inc.
2009-2010 „Flood prevention works on the left bank of River Tisza between Tiszafüred-Rakamaz” project - undertaking of project management tasks Trans-Tisza Water Management Authority (KEOP- projekt)
2007-2008 Curriculum development for Environmental Management and Nature Conservation undergraduate (B.Sc) courses University of Debrecen, Centre for Agriculture (HEFOP-3.3.1 project)
2007 Feasibility study and background materials for biogas production Cívis Biogas Ltd., Hungary (Inno-2-2006-17 project)
2007 Feasibility study for Bioenergy Park Mátészalka (Hungary) – bioenergy system and competence centre University of Debrecen, Centre for Agriculture (Hungary)
2006 Debrecen Development Pole – preparation of feasibility study of Agri-Innovation Knowledge Centre Debrecen Municipality Local Authority (NFH 511/2005)
2005-2006 Elaboration of environmental & energy strategy for Hajdú-Bihar County, Hungary Debrecen Regional Development Fund (regional development fund)
2005-2006 “Networking of regional activities in business development and wellness tourism with ICT support” project management tasks Euro-Régió Ház Kht. Hungary (INTERREG IIIB-CADSES PHARE Project)
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