Aqua-add final conference in Debrecen and Budapest

Successful closing event of the AQUA-ADD project held in Hungary


The event was organized by the Aqua-add Debrecen team: the University of Debrecen Centre for Environmental Management and Policy in co-operation with the Trans-Tisza Region Environmental and Nature Protection Inspectorate.

The "For the North Great Plain Region" Nonprofit Public Ltd. contributed to the project implementation in different project themes.

The first two days provided the floor for the final team meetings and Steering Commitee in Debrecen including onsite visits to the Debrecen team's case study area Tócó as well as Lake Békás where new blue areas have been developed recently.

The last two days took place in Budapest where the Final Conference was organized inviting VIPs from partner regions and municipalities as well as the representative of INTERREG IVC JTS. The Conference also included the signing procedure of the Aqua-add Agreement declaring the importance of the integration of water in the local and regional planning and policy and the commitment of the participants of the valuable Aqua-add network to continue this cooperation.

The Budapest event also provided opportunity for interesting site visits to Lake Városliget and besides, Danube Waterfront developments also have been introduced.


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